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The Blake Sea in SecondLife

The Blake Sea contains hundreds and hundreds of open water SIMs. As of 2021, there are no adult regions located in or connected to the Blake Sea, but general and Moderate regions are available.

Please note, the Blake Sea changes quickly and often, but this article will focus on the mainland and private regions, which seldom change in region name. If there are corrections required, please contact Alexis Crisp in world. All maps and locations are based on popular opinion by other SecondLife residents, as well as my own.

Quick Facts:

  • The Blake Sea contains 47 contiguous SIMs containing the label 'Blake Sea’. Some original residents would consider this area to only be the Blake Sea; however….

  • The majority of SecondLife would also argue that the connected open water SIMs surrounding the Blake Sea would also be considered the Blake Sea, within (more or less) 20 SIMs from an originating ‘Blake Sea SIM’. In short, this would effectively mean the Blake Sea spreads as north as the Sunrise Islands Waterway (SIM: Foligno) and as South as (SIMs: Atanua, Hastwaite, Mokosha).

  • Breaking things down further, we can make sense of this large area by dividing it into sub-regions: Central Blake, North Blake, East Blake, Southern Blake, Southwestern Blake and Western Blake.


o Location: Any Blake Sea named SIM and any SIM bordering a Blake Sea SIM located within 5 SIMs. Examples: Montbard, Impish Glee, Dex + Many, many more.

o SIMs of Interest: Blake Sea – Sirens, Blake Sea – Kraken, Blake Sea – Windlass, Blake Sea – Half Hitch, Blake Sea- Crow’s Nest, Barbarossa, Hollywood, Santa Catalina (Hollywood Airports), Pslande (Yacht Sales), Montbard (Crisp Estates Regional Office), Quietly Red (Angel's E2 Airport), Nautilus Marina (Dex).

o Other Notes: The largest airports and marinas are located in Central Blake and for good reason: they are centrally located and easy to navigate in and out of. Expect to pay a premium land, rentals and for hangar or boat slip spaces; expect limited availability due to high demand. Lot sizes are generally smaller due to higher demand and land values.


o Location: Generally speaking, all of the Dire Strait, Sandcastle and stopping at the Sunrise Islands Waterway (SIM: Folingo). Examples: Neobelow, Triggerfish, Thorlaug, Dingercat, Rurik, Teffelaw + Many, many more.

o SIMs of Interest: Ahab's Haunt, Venrigalli (Cheerport Airport), Firespire (Cannery Cove Airport/Marina/Fire Dept.), Tails & Sim Tails (XD Yacht Club Marina), Port Victoria Isle (Flying Marina Yacht Club + Ashne Boat Slips).

o Other Notes: The North Blake Sea area is vast, but in compassion to Central Blake and Western Blake, is much quieter. Land values and rental prices decrease the more north you travel. You will find a variety of marinas and some airports here, but most land is residential or commercial (shops, etc.). Marina and rental lot sizes are typically larger the more north you travel.


o Location: With few exceptions, these are the private region estates that are connected to the mainland of Blake Sea, specifically from the Central Blake area. Some of this region overlaps with Central Blake (see map above 'Central Blake Sea'). All of these regions are located to the east of Central Blake, hence the designation, East Blake Sea.

o SIMs of Interest: Hollywood, Santa Catalina (Hollywood Airports), Osprey Ridge (Rainbow Sails Yacht Club), Sailors Rest (Fishers Island Yacht Club), Honah Lee Surf & Honah Lee Trudeau (Honah Lee Airports), Dutch Harbor (The Mesh Shop, Yacht Sales), Nantucket Yacht Club, SNO Terminal A (Second Norway Airport).

o Other Notes: The majority of East Blake contains private residences, although some notable marinas and airports exist here. Very few opportunities for commercial land are available here. Be careful with sailing and flying due to the higher volume of private residences. Expect to pay a premium for lands, hangars and boat slips in these areas due to their exceptional views. Generally, prim allotments are lower, but land sizes will be larger as most lands (not all) are homesteads with lesser capacities.


o Location: South or Southern Blake Sea is a small enclave located via passage through Montbard (right channel) and additional passage via the Terric Channel. This region overlaps slightly with Central Blake, which ends in Terric.

o SIMs of Interest: Mauxle Bureaux, Intrepide (Tiny Isle of Mist), Brilliant (Fairy Grove), Avignon (Janie's Landing Airport/Airfield), Montdidier (Le Messire Airfield)

o Other Notes: South Blake Sea is one of Blake Sea's quietest and most peaceful regions, with limited sailing and air traffic, it is largely private residences. Land prices as well as rental prices are generally low and very affordable, due to narrow passages to and from Central Blake, making it most suitable for low volume residential use.


o Location: The Southwestern side of Blake Sea is a small, but special area of Blake Sea which provides clear, extraordinary sunset views. The area includes Arabian Nights and Pirate Cove and stops abruptly in Atanua. Examples: Basilisk, Sialimonus + Many, many more.

o SIMs of Interest: Gunport, Kingpost, Tonar (Arabian Nights), Orlop (Pirate Cove), Aldergrove (Key West FL Airport),

o Other Notes: Due to its distance from Central Blake, Southwestern Blake is notably residential with few airports and marinas. The area is much quieter than Central or Western Blake and best suited for non-commercial use. Due to its beautiful sunset area, rental and land prices are generally higher and land sizes are much larger and more generously proportioned.


o Location: Western Blake Sea is by far the largest region within Blake Sea, and second busiest, close behind Central Blake Sea. Western Blake Sea covers the majority of Nautilus City as well as The North Channel, The South Channel, Bingo Strait, the Little Sea, Bacon Bay, 'Ocean', and the Outer Harbor. Examples: Ashuertus, Donohue, Vyzmanavin, Yuri, Brork + Many, many more.

o SIMs of Interest: Arianti (Half Moon Bay Regional Airport), Froog (Marina/Boat Slips), Boing & Airtoll Hill (Angels Airport/Marina N1), Pavran (Angels Airport/Marina E1), Tschotcke & Delchdork (Angels Airport/Marina W1), Ober (Angels Aiport S2), Blung (Diamond Air Field), Poob (Cova Restaurant).

o Other Notes: The majority of Western Blake is used for commercial or industrial use. There are numerous GTFO hubs, large-scale airports and marinas, as well as commercial stores (Nautlius City is heavily commercial). There are limited residences in these areas. Rental and land prices are generally the highest, second to that of Central Blake zones.

I hope this information is helpful. As a reminder, Crisp Estates has a large variety of Blake Sea properties available in almost all of these regions. Check our available listings to see what's available.

Happy sailing (and flying)!



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