Since 2020, Crisp Estates has been dedicated to providing an outstanding customer experience while offering the most elite and exclusive lands on SecondLife. Our beachfront and sailing lands feature access to 100s of sailing SIMs, including: Blake Sea, North & South Heterocera Atoll, Zindra Ocean and Nautilus. We own hundreds of thousands of SQM across SecondLife and as such, we are able to provide competitive rates, a fully staffed support team, as well as professional in-house landscaping (for a fee). We welcome you to join the Crisp Estates family and experience a new level of service for your home or business. Try us today --- we can't wait to meet you! 


Alexis Crisp
Founder & Owner

In-World: Alexis.Crisp
Discord: Alexis Crisp #1288


Doc Darkside

In-World: Docdarkside resident
DJ DOC Darkside#2229


Kurz Neox
Jr Rental Agent

In-World: Kurz.Neox


Lizzy Stonefall
Rental Agent

In-World: lizzybright resident