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Last Revised: July 28, 2023. Current Resident Effective Date: August 31, 2023. New Resident Effective Date: July 28, 2023.

Your payment for the Crisp Estates lands you have rented constitutes your understanding and acceptance of our rules, which were provided before renting your parcel via clicking the rental board. Rules don't often change, but like anything, they can change --- in the event that they do, we will give you a heads up with ample time to take notice. All changes will be posted as "Group Notices” and all subsequent updates will be posted in our office on our “rules board.” If you find yourself not able to locate the updated rules in our office at any time, a staff member would be happy to show you to them. Our rules are also posted on our website: 

◀  Support  ▶

We come very close to offering 24/7 support, but aren't quite there yet. This means, while we do offer around-the-clock support, there can (and inevitably will) be some down hours. To see who's online, please visit our office locations and check out our online boards:


If we're all offline, message us, we'll get back to you quickly and that's a promise. Here's how to reach us if no one is online: 

  • Join our Discord chat, where we may see your message if we aren't in world, or other residents may be able to help answer a frequently asked question: 

  • IM in-world: CrispEstatesConcierge Resident and file a ticket. We will get back to your ticket quickly via IM. 

◀ Important ▶

If you ever have a problem with someone getting back to you, please message Alexis Crisp in-world or via Discord. Your concern is always completely confidential, but requested so that we can ensure all of our residents are responded to promptly with the utmost courtesy and respect.   

Alexis Crisp & Doc (Docdarkside Resident) are the owners of Crisp Estates. We're also on Discord --- Alexis: AlexisCrisp or Doc: Docdarkside. If you do use Discord, we encourage you to join our server ( ) and use the Lobby for any questions so agents can have the opportunity to serve you, too. Further, all Rental Executives have a board rezzed at our offices and you may contact them directly with any concern(s).

◀ Extras ▶

We offer the following FREE amenities by request. Please ask a Rental Executive for details. 

  • Radio, with pre-programmed channels.

  • Prim counter to access personal and land prims owned by guests.

  • Security Orb by CasperSafe.

  • Boat and jet ski rezzers.

For an extra fee:

  • Extra Prims: Where available (extra charge applies per week). 

◀ Covenant for Non-Themed, Residential & Commercial Land (Applies to 99% of Properties) ▶

→ Most land is residential OR commercial. You may use your parcel for either purpose and you do NOT need to notify us of the change. 
→ In most every property we own, there are no themes or themed content restrictions: design as you wish. If a property does carry a theme, it will be clearly outlined on the rental board before you rent. Most properties are staged as tropical, but you may make your parcel look however you’d like, there are no rules on what you create.
→ Mainland CANNOT be deeded to your own group. Understand that this restriction is mostly in part due to LL's rules and what this entails. 
→ You MAY have full access to the parcel name, privacy features, description, search, media and music. Listing your parcel in "Search" is free/there's no additional charge if you'd like to use it (that's a L$ 30/week savings). There is no need to tell us if you list your parcel in search, feel free to do so anytime :-) 

→ Sky signs are permitted at any elevation from 350 to 400 Meters in the air, so as long as all parts are PHANTOM as to not disrupt air traffic. This elevation is to be used for sky signage only, it is not open to any other structure, including landing strips.
→ Sorry, no refunds for any reason. You can upgrade your parcel size at any time and apply credit you have already paid to your existing parcel, to your new parcel. However, we cannot give you credit to downgrade your parcel. Example, you may go from a 1024 Meter Parcel to a 2048 Meter Parcel and take the credit from the 1024 Meter Parcel, but we cannot allow you to take credit from a 1024 Meter Parcel to a 512 Meter Parcel. We do not transfer parcel credits to other avatars.
→ Crisp Estates has the sole right for termination of rental agreement based on mutual cause or convenience.  

◀ Covenant  for Residential and Themed Lands ONLY (Please check rental board to verify if your land has a residential or theme restriction before paying) ▶

→ Not all residential land is themed. If you are on a themed land, you are expected to reasonably comply with the outlined theme. For example, Tropical Themed lands: lavish villas, cabanas, tiki huts, palm trees, infinity pools, water features and waterfalls, etc. --- but not, temperate climate trees or snow, for example. 

→ Mainland CANNOT be deeded to your own group. Understand that this restriction is mostly in part due to LL's rules and what this entails. 

→ You MAY have full access to the parcel name, privacy features, description, search, media and music. Listing your parcel in "Search" is free/there's no additional charge if you'd like to use it (that's a L$ 30/week savings). There is no need to tell us if you list your parcel in search, feel free to do so anytime. Please remember, while your residential land can show up in search, it may not use or imply any commercial activity whatsoever. Small hangouts or beach destinations are not necessarily considered commercial activity, but should be limited to 10 or less people at any time. Please ask first if there are any questions. 

→ Sorry, no refunds for any reason. You can upgrade your parcel size at any time and apply credit you have already paid to your existing parcel, to your new parcel. However, we cannot give you credit to downgrade your parcel. Example, you may go from a 1024 Meter Parcel to a 2048 Meter Parcel and take the credit from the 1024 Meter Parcel, but we cannot allow you to take credit from a 1024 Meter Parcel to a 512 Meter Parcel. We do not transfer parcel credits to other avatars.

→ If you reside on a RESIDENTIAL ONLY land (does not apply to Residential/Commercial lands), the following rules apply to your parcel: 

  • No structure may exceed 3 stories or 20 meters. 

  • No airports, airstrips, runaways on residential land without approval (most requests will be denied, we suggest renting our Residential/Commercial and instead of restricted residential lands). 

  • No large signs, advertisements, or platforms in the sky that are below 1,000 meters. These structures will be removed without warning and repeated offenses may result in eviction. As a reminder, no commercial conduct may be operated in the sky, either. Small signs, such as "Moor Here" or "Free Mermaid Swimming" or similar non-commercial signs are permitted, but please keep them tasteful and small. 

  • Sorry, no sandboxes on residential lands.

→ Crisp Estates has the sole right for termination of rental agreement based on mutual cause or convenience.


1a: Rent

→ Your rent is due by the due date on the rental box located at the Crisp Estates main office, or on your land (to be determined on your first day). By default, we will store your rental meter on your parcel, but if you prefer, we can store it at our office. If we store your meter at our office (your choice, will save you 1 prim), you will need to make payments via the Payment Terminal at our main office if you choose this method. If you choose to store your rental meter off-site, you will be responsible for maintaining the correct number of prims on your parcel (i.e., objects or weighted land impact). We reserve to the right to require you to keep your land meter on your property for any reason. 
→ If you do not pay your rent in accordance to the outlined rules and I return your objects, please understand, we are not responsible for any lost items or builds --- including valuable, or invaluable no-copy objects/landscaping projects. 
→ It's your responsibility to make arrangements to pay on or before your time expires. Regretfully, we cannot hold any unpaid/overdue rentals beyond 36 hours after their expiration. If your rent is not paid by the 36th hour of overdue status, we will re-rent it to another person and return your objects. While we do our best to understand things can happen to anyone, our rental locations tend to be extremely popular and highly desired, therefore, we can only reasonably ever promise 36 hours of overdue time before re-renting to another person. 

1b: Renewals

→ Your rental will not automatically renewal if you do not pay your rental meter before its expiration. If you would like to continue your rental, please make certain to pay your rent by the expiration date. Expired rentals are subject to rules in line 1a. 
→ Should you choose "Will Not Renew" from your rental meter, you agree and understand that you will forfeit the remaining amount of time on your meter. The remaining time on your rental meter will not be refunded, transferred or credited. Your parcel will be reclaimed and rented to a new occupant. 

1c: Objects

→ For your safety, as well as the safety of all renters in our group, you may not return objects that do not belong to you that are owned by your rental group. You will have the ability to return non-group objects, however. If you need help returning an object on your parcel, please contact a Rental Agent in-world (there are online boards at our office). While we understand this can be inconvenient we must keep all renters safe --- we are only a shout away if you need assistance and it is never a bother to contact us. Last, if you live in a very busy area where objects are common to land on your parcels by accident (Blake Sea, for example) we highly advise you turn on “auto return” feature on your parcel so the system will automatically clear objects that shouldn’t be there. 
→ We do not have direct rules about rezzing off-sim structures (on off-sim lands, i.e., non-grid water) that directly neighbor your own parcel; however, we ask that discretion is used wherever possible. For example, if you have a 4096 SQM land that borders a SIM edge, a same or smaller sim edge structure or object might be appropriate. Adversely, if you have a 512 on a SIM edge, a full SIM off-sim object will not be appropriate. Last, all off-sim objects should be made phantom. We reserve the right to return off-sim objects that overly interfere with theme (if applicable) or entrance or exit of a land.

You are responsible for keeping your prims within the allotment that you pay for, including any guests what you invite to rez on your parcel (see Section 5). We understand that, on occasion your prims may exceed your allowable prims temporarily, but please be respectful of the prims you have been allotted, as using excessive prims may actually be taking away from someone else's land allotment. We kindly ask you to please use public sandboxes to rez large amounts of prims that you may need to sort through if these prims may exceed your available prims.  If you exceed your available prims, you are expected to reduce prim or contact Crisp Estates within 48 hours. After 48 hours, Management reserves the right to change your weekly parcel rate if you exceed the allotted prims, should there be extra prims available on SIM. Additional prims will be charged at the same prim rate as your current tenancy (example, if your parcel rate is L$ 100 week for 100 prims, but now you are using 300 prims, your new weekly rate would be L$ 300). 

1d: Waiting List & Reservations

→ For special lands, especially lands located in popular destinations, Crisp Estates offers a free waiting list service. For those wanting a particular parcel size or prim amount, we may take your information and follow-up with you at a later date when the exact match becomes available. In the event your match becomes available, we will contact you via message and notecard. We will reserve the land you had requested for up to 24 hours. If we do not hear back from you within 24 hours, we will release your parcel to the next waiting list candidate or open it up for rent on the market. 


→ Skyboxes and builds are allowed: All sky builds must be placed at a minimum of 1,000 meters, understanding that ALL items must stay within your parcel boundaries. Objects, including emitters may not bleed into a neighbor's parcel for any reason. If a Crisp Estates agent determines that your object intersects with any other person’s parcel, as a courtesy we will give you 48 hours to take action. If we do not hear back, we will return the item. Exceptions: If your object interferes with the quality or build of an entire parcel for any reason (such as an object that blocks at least 50% of a neighbor’s build) we will have no choice but to return it immediately. Please be respectful to all neighbors. Also, if your items is on a parcel that is set to be re-staged/re-claimed by Crisp Estates, it will be automatically returned without notice. 
→ Rules above 1,000 M are completely relaxed when it comes to prim walls. Build anything you’d like, as long as it is within LL’s TOS. As long as content does not violate LL's TOS, Crisp Estates will not govern sky lands above 1,000 M, as there is open and ample ability to block anything unwanted, and change your elevation if you don't agree with a neighbor's build. 


→ Your parcel is equipped with a state-of-the-art, highly customizable security orb by default. The orb helps you maintain strong security on your land, including protection against griefers. By default, the orb is customized to allow up to 20 seconds for someone to leave your parcel (you may make the time less if you choose). You have the ability to make someone an admin to your orb, or a member of the orb, as well as just a temporary guest. Your orb does have the ability to automatically ban members from your parcel as well. We strongly, strongly encourage you to only use an orb on your parcel and not ban lines; however, for those who prefer to continue to use ban lines, they are permitted in most areas. Please do understand; however, as a matter of security, your orb will a much more secure way to make sure your parcel is protected, as it will protect your land from ground all the way to the top of your land, ensuring maximum security (whereas ban lines only protect up to 50 meters, after that your parcel is not protected. 
→ Restrict all sounds to your own parcel. 

3a: Addendum to Blake Sea Residents, Enforced: June 10, 2021. Revised: July 28, 2023. 

→ FOR BLAKE SEA PROPERTIES ONLY: Ban lines are prohibited. You may use a security orb only with a minimum of 20 seconds before ejection (we can provide one for free, please ask us). Your security orb MAY ban a person from your parcel if you so choose for it to do so and you may ban a particular avatar(s) from your parcel if you see fit. Note, ban lines can cause a  number of problems in the sailing/flying community, specifically in the Blake Sea, especially when boats or planes hit them by accident and get stuck. Consequently, you may not use ban lines in the Blake Sea. If you are unsure if your parcel is located within Blake Sea (Blake Sea North, Blake Sea Central, Blake Sea South, Blake Sea West, Blake Sea Southwest), please ask us (hint: we write it on your rental board). We cannot make any exceptions on the rule of ban lines in the Blake Sea, this is a public safety concern. We appreciate your understanding. 

→ Blake Sea renters must also comply with the Blake Sea Code of Conduct from Linden Labs: . Please understand, Crisp Estates has no option to override the Blake Sea Code of Conduct.


→ Breedables, pets and zoobys are welcome! We do NOT have a restriction on zoobys, pets or breedables, emitters or scripted bot agents, but Management reserves the right to modify this rule on a "per parcel" basis, if either/any of these items cause dramatic SIM performance issues or objects drift into another parcel (including public waterways). Should your parcel be an extremely rare exception, we will advise you before returning any non-copy item(s). 
→ For ground builds UNDER 1,000 M: Absolutely NO privacy screens (i.e., prim walls) --- but, tasteful walls, rocks, waterfalls (etc.) or mesh borders OK! Please keep walls under 10 meters. 

→ You MAY use banlines (see sub-section: SECURITY) or security orbs

→ Extra Privacy: If you need privacy, you can easily change the parcel settings so that others can't see you inside the parcel. I reserve the right to return any privacy screens that are deemed disruptive (by my definition) so simply ask me first if there is any doubt. 


You are fully responsible for anyone you invite to the rez group. If there is an issue of abuse, or violation of any TOS or rules of Crisp Estates, we will hold you fully accountable for their actions, which may include a permanent ban from our company without refund. 

→ You have full permission to add anyone into the rez group that you would like. Please understand, when you add someone to the group, they will have FULL AUTHORITY over the parcel, the same authorities that you have.... but... 
→ IF YOU DO NOT FEEL COMFORTABLE with this person having full control over your parcel, I urge you to contact a Crisp Estates staff member to invite/change the the role of the person in the rez group to "CRISP ESTATES GUEST." As a guest, they will be able to rez, set their home to the parcel and fly only.  
→ You are free to sub-let your parcel as you see fit. You may re-rent it out to a stranger, or a friend, keeping in mind that the tenant must also agree and understand the rules outlined in this agreement. If you sub-let, or rent out your parcel to a stranger and there is a dispute, Crisp Estates shall be held harmless in the event of a disagreement between you (our tenant) and the sub-letter (person you re-rent your parcel to). All rules outlined in the Crisp Estates rules will act as the default (and overriding) rules of the parcel and will override any agreements otherwise added while sub-letting a parcel (by you). Please remember we must ALL abide by Linden Lab TOS ... any content violating Linden Lab TOS will not be tolerated. 

5a: Child Avatars

→ Child avatars are NOT permitted to rent or be present on Crisp Estates Adult rated lands --- not even as visitors. While this may not be a LL rule, this is absolutely a rule of our estate. Should we find a child avatar on our property, they will be estate banned. For those with child alts or families, we advise you to be rent General or Moderate lands with our estate company, for reasons which should be obvious. 


→ We encourage you to work together with your neighbors to try to settle disputes directly, in a civil and polite manner (just as you would do in real life). If you are not successful in working with your neighbor, you may contact a Crisp Estates agent to advocate for you. Please understand; however, that Crisp Estates will not alter or change our rules to accommodate a dispute between a fellow neighbor with Crisp Estates. Should there be a violation of TOS and/or our own rules, we will ensure that the neighboring parcel is brought to compliance immediately. Please also understand that in many cases, you may be next to neighbors who do not rent from Crisp Estates, and as such, may require a different approach (to which, we are very happy to assist as well). Last, please keep in mind, no matter the outcome, your neighbor is someone who also lives within your community ... always be kind, respectful and treat them as you would like to be treated, mutual respect goes a long way in resolving any misunderstandings.

→ Personal romantic and/or suggestive sexual relationships and/or advancements between tenant and agent, manager or owner are prohibited. Please note, while this is SL and we are all here to enjoy and relax, we remind you that Crisp Estates is committed to providing our employees and tenants a safe, encouraging and respectful environment. Should there ever be a concern or violation, please contact Alexis Crisp directly (in-world: Alexis Crisp, Discord: AlexisCrisp). 

→ Comments to staff or other residents about: ethnicity, gender, religion, sexual orientation, disability or any other personal attribute, of any type, are simply not permitted. Harassment, stalking or any type of anti-social behavior is not permitted. If you experience any degree of harassment, please contact Alexis Crisp immediately (in-world: Alexis Crisp, Discord: AlexisCrisp). 


→ Follow all LL guidelines to the maturity rating of your SIM, it is your responsibility to read, interpret or ask questions regarding LL's rules, not our responsibility to outline them for you: . In the event that you have broken the LL TOS, Crisp Estates will be held harmless for your actions. Similarly, if a staff member of Crisp Estates notices you have broken LL TOS, you will be reported and banned from Crisp Estates. Please ask a manager for help if you don’t understand the TOS, we are happy to help guide you. 


→ For the enjoyment of everyone, including non-residents: Crisp Estates is proud to offer a variety of protected lands and waterways. Builds on these lands will not often change, but are not guaranteed to remain static. Crisp Estates reserves the right hold events on these lands, whenever Crisp Estates sees fit. Protected waterways and lands are expected to remain open and have a 5 minute return time with no public rez option. As a resident, you may not rez any objects, builds or adjust the auto-return time, music, or access list. Please note that a routine audit will undo any alterations to these public waterways, should any resident accidentally adjust settings and furthermore, any objects left in waterways will be returned without warning. 

Please note, we are completely “hands off," as we want you to feel at home and safe in your parcel. This means that we do not need to be added to orbs or access lists and we will not stop by uninvited. That said, if you need us to come by to adjust something… especially if you are offline when we come, please “unlock” the door for us so we can get in, as we may not be able to accommodate your request without access :-)

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