⁂⁂⁂ Crisp Estates: Rules ⁂⁂⁂
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Last revision: July 5, 2021


Your payment for the Crisp Estates parcel you have rented constitutes your understanding and acceptance of our rules, which were provided before renting your parcel via clicking the rental board at the parcel (note the white hovering text that says ‘Click for Rental Rules’). Rules don't often change, but like anything, they can change --- in the event that they do, we will give you a heads up with ample time to take notice. All changes will be posted as "Group Notices” and all subsequent updates will be posted in our office on our “rules board.” If you find yourself not able to locate the updated rules in our office at any time, a staff member would be happy to show you to them. 


Thank you so much for renting with Crisp Estates. First and foremost, we want you to feel welcome in your new home or business parcel --- so please review these quick and easy rules to make sure you get the most out of your new spot on the grid. 


◀  Support  ▶

We come very close to offering 24/7 support, but aren't quite there yet. This means, while we do offer around the clock support, there can (and inevitably will) be some down hours. If we're all offline, message us, we'll get back to you quickly and that's a promise. Sending messages versus notecards is preferred, but you may send us a message through any communication you’d like. 
Please check the rental office for help, our managers and rental agents can assist with anything you need if they are online. 

▶ IMPORTANT ▶ If you ever have a problem with someone getting back to you, please message Alexis Crisp in-world or via Discord. Your concern is always completely confidential, but requested so that we can ensure all of our residents are responded to promptly with the utmost courtesy and respect.   

Alexis Crisp & Doc (docdarkside) are the owners of Crisp Estates. Alexis can also accept Discord messages on Alexis Crisp#1288 if you prefer :-) All other Rental Agents have a board rezzed at our main office and you may contact them with any concern. 


▶ Need more PRIMS? It's very possible we have extra to assign to your parcel, ask any of us for help and quotes for prices (we always charge fair prices for extra prim).  Prim counters are built into your rental meter … simply click the meter to see what your current usage is. Counters refresh every 3 hours. 
▶ Need a radio? They are available for FREE with TONS of awesome pre-loaded stations! Please ask.
▶ Need a security orb? Also available at no charge, please ask us :-). If you rez your own, it must be set to “parcel only” it cannot eject residents from outside your parcel. 
▶ Need a boat or jet skis? You guessed it… also available, no charge! Just ask! 


◀ Quick & Easy Rules / Covenant ▶

→ All land is residential OR commercial. You may use your parcel for either purpose and you do NOT need to notify us of the change. 
→ There are no themes or themed content restrictions: design as you wish. Most properties are staged as tropical, but you may make your parcel look however you’d like  
→ Mainland CANNOT be deeded to your own group. *HOWEVER* … if you require a private group for whatever reason, please ask us --- we are happy to accommodate, but please understand that a minimum of 2 months (EXCLUSIVE of any current promotions) must be paid in advance to your rental meter plus a $100 fee to create the group. You will not be the “owner” but will be given full officer privileges to create roles and make your own tags. At the end of your lease, you are welcome to keep the group and do what you wish with it and take “owner status.” 
→ You MAY have full access to the parcel name, privacy features, description, search, media and music. Listing your parcel in "Search" is free/there's no additional charge if you'd like to use it (that's a L$ 30/week savings). There is no need to tell us if you list your parcel in search, feel free to do so anytime :-) 
→ Sorry, no refunds for any reason. You can upgrade your parcel size at any time and apply credit you have already paid to your existing parcel, to your new parcel. However, we cannot give you credit to downgrade your parcel. Example, you may go from a 1024 Meter Parcel to a 2048 Meter Parcel and take the credit from the 1024 Meter Parcel, but we cannot allow you to take credit from a 1024 Meter Parcel to a 512 Meter Parcel.
→ If you are part of a public rez group for Crisp Estates or Crisp Estates Communities, the group chat is open. We politely ask that you restrict any group chatter that is outside of seeking help for something. This includes, but not limited to: advertising of any sorts, dating, trading objects or services (including bartering) or any type of chatter that is abusive in nature. If you need immediate help, please try contacting us directly on our online boards in our office. Otherwise, our group members may be able to help (which is why we keep this open, in case we are all offline). If you consistently break the intention of the group chat (and this rule), we will mute you from the chat without warning. 


→ Your rent is due by the due date on the rental module located at the Crisp Estates main office, or on your parcel (to be determined on your first day). By default, we will store your rental meter on your parcel, but if you prefer, we can store it at our office. If we store your meter at our office (your choice, will save you 1 prim), you will need to make payments via the Payment Terminal at our main office if you choose this method. 
→ It's your responsibility to make arrangements to pay on or before your time expires. Regretfully, we cannot hold any unpaid/overdue rentals beyond 12 hours after their expiration. If your rent is not paid by the 12th hour of overdue status, we will re-rent it to another and return your objects. While we do our best to understand things can happen to anyone, our rental locations tend to be extremely popular and highly desired, therefore, I can only ever promise 12 hours of overdue time before re-renting to another person. 
→ If you do not pay your rent in accordance to the outlined rules and I return your objects, please understand, we are not responsible for any lost items or builds --- including valuable, or invaluable no-copy objects/landscaping projects. 
→ For your safety, as well as the safety of all renters in our group, you may not return objects that do not belong to you. If you need help returning an object on your parcel, please contact a manager in-world (there are online boards at our office). While we understand this is an annoyance, we must keep all renters safe --- we are only a shout away if you need assistance and it is never a bother to contact us. Last, if you live in a very busy area where objects are common to land on your parcels by accident (Blake Sea) we highly advise you turn on “auto return” on your parcel so the system will automatically clear objects that shouldn’t be there. 


→ Allowed at 1,000 M and above, but your items must stay in your parcel --- they may not go in a neighbor's parcel for any reason. If I determine that your object intersects with any other person’s parcel, as a courtesy I will give you 48 hours to take action. If I do not hear back, I will return the item. Exception: if your object interferes with the quality or build of an entire parcel for any reason (such as an object that blocks at least 50% of a neighbor’s build) I will have no choice but to return it immediately. Please be respectful to all neighbors. 
→ Rules above 1000 M are completely relaxed when it comes to prim walls. Build anything you’d like, as long as it is within LL’s TOS. 


→ For ground builds UNDER 1000M: Absolutely NO privacy screens (i.e., prim walls) --- but, tasteful walls, rocks, waterfalls (etc.) or mesh borders OK! You MAY use banlines or security orbs, but please --- keep SL pretty, remember, neighbors want their surroundings pretty too --- and will be respectful of you, as you are respectful of them :-) By the way, If you need privacy, you can easily change the parcel settings so that others can't see you inside the parcel. I reserve the right to return any privacy screens that are deemed disruptive (by my definition) so simply ask me first if there is any doubt. 
→ → →→→ BLAKE SEA ADDENDUM ON 06/10/2021: For Blake Sea properties only --- ban lines are prohibited. You may use a security orb only (we can provide one for free, please ask us). Ban lines cause considerable “hurt” in the sea community of Blake Sea, especially when boats hit them by accident. If you have rented with us before 06/10/2021, you may use banlines. Those renting after 06/10/2021 may not. If you are unsure if your parcel is located within Blake Sea (Blake Sea North, Blake Sea Central, Blake Sea South, Blake Sea West, Blake Sea Southwest), please ask us (hint: we write it on your rental board). 
→ Restrict all sounds to your own parcel. 
→ Breedables, pets and zoobys are welcome! We do NOT have a restriction on zoobys, pets or breedables, emitters or scripted bot agents, but I reserve the right to modify this rule on a "per parcel" basis, if either/any of these items cause dramatic SIM performance issues. 
→ Follow all LL guidelines to the maturity rating of your SIM, it is your responsibility to read, interpret or ask questions regarding LL's rules, not our responsibility to outline them for you: https://community.secondlife.com/knowledgebase/english/maturity-ratings-r52/ . In the event that you have broken the LL TOS, Crisp Estates will be held harmless for your actions. Similarly, if a staff member of Crisp Estates notices you have broken LL TOS, you will be reported and banned from Crisp Estates. Please ask a manager for help if you don’t understand the TOS, we are happy to help guide you.  


You are fully responsible for anyone you invite to the rez group. If there is an issue of abuse, or violation of any TOS or rules of Crisp Estates, I will hold you fully accountable for their actions, which may include a permanent ban from our company without refund. 
→ You have full permission to add anyone into the rez group that you would like. Please understand, when you add someone to the group, they will have FULL AUTHORITY over the parcel, the same authorities that you have.... but... 
→ IF YOU DO NOT FEEL COMFORTABLE with this person having full control over your parcel, I urge you to contact a Crisp Estates staff member to invite/change the the role of the person in the rez group to "CRISP ESTATES GUEST." As a guest, they will be able to rez, set their home to the parcel and fly only.  
→ You are free to sub-let your parcel as you see fit. You may re-rent it out to a stranger, or a friend, keeping in mind that the tenant must also agree and understand the rules outlined in this agreement. If you sub-let, or rent out your parcel to a stranger and there is a dispute, Crisp Estates shall be held harmless in the event of a disagreement between you (our tenant) and the sub-letter (person you re-rent your parcel to). All rules outlined in the Crisp Estates rules will act as the default (and overriding) rules of the parcel and will override any agreements otherwise added while sub-letting a parcel (by you). Please remember we must ALL abide by Linden Lab TOS ... any content violating Linden Lab TOS will not be tolerated. 

5. ADDENDUM 07/05/21

→ Crisp Estates has the sole right for termination of rental agreement based on mutual cause or convenience.  


Please note, we are completely “hands off” and want you to feel at home and safe in your parcel. This means that we do not need to be added to orbs or access lists and we will not stop by uninvited. That said, if you need us to come by to adjust something… especially if you are offline when we come, please “unlock” the door for us so we can get in 