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What is protected land and why is it important?

Whether you are a sailor, pilot, mermaid or just a lover of the open water and nature: protected land should be a requirement when you are searching for a new parcel. Protected lands are (typically) set up by the Lindens and allow you, as well as the general public to pass freely through them, most commonly with a sail boat or plane although flying and swimming these areas is popular as well. Often, Crisp Estates sets up protected lands to give additional room for sailing and/or scenery for our residents. Protected land is different from “sim edge” which is NOT protected land. SIM edge simply refers to land touching an undeveloped SIM, which could, at any time be spawned and ruin your view --- be weary companies advertising SIM edge lands as protected lands.

Protected lands are designed to stay constant and not change, as the general public cannot permanently REZ objects and the zone maintains a static appearance (an example is Blake Sea – Sirens). Some protected lands may be a simple waterway, a road, others are more extensive or complex, such as an entire ocean SIM, and even more rarely: hundreds and hundreds of linked ocean SIMs, such as the Blake Sea or Zindra Ocean. Along with being a beautiful feature of SecondLife for all to enjoy, they are incredibly rare and sought after. As such, these lands are not widely available for land companies to build near and when they are, many land companies charge higher weekly rental prices due to the ever-increasing costs of obtaining neighboring protected land parcels in these highly coveted areas.

How do you know when a land is protected? A simple way of checking is to (Firestorm) click on WORLD -> PARCEL DETAILS -> . Verify the land owner (example #1… Owner is Governor Linden, example #2 … Owner is Crisp Estates) and the parcel description (example #1… Description is Protected land, not for sale, example #2 Description is Not for rent, not for sale – open water). Be wary of locations that claim they are protected, but the parcel name or description does not reflect “Protected Land” in any. One example is abandoned land --- abandoned land is NOT protected land and can be claimed and built on at any time, by anyone.

Love protected, but don’t love paying sky-high rental prices? Us too! Try Crisp Estates --- we guarantee a fair weekly rental price, a superior customer service experience and a beautiful piece of protected land that you will absolutely love for weeks and years to come.



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