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1 position available.

About Us:

  • Since 2020, we have been happily serving the SecondLife grid by offering fairly priced, high quality rental islands and parcels. We own hundreds of thousands of SQM of premium waterfront, roadside and islands on the Mainland. Our locations range from ultra-exclusive Blake Sea hideaways to the free-spirited waterways of Zindra Adult and many more in-between! As we continue to grow our company, we never forget our passion: PEOPLE! Our office culture is supportive, upbeat and family-oriented and no doubt it shows with our customer service! We encourage anyone to apply and appreciate a diverse workforce ---  LGBTAQI, Furry, Fairy, Aquatic (Mermaid, Merman) and Vampire candidates are always encouraged.


  • Work with an established, professional rental company in SL - 4 years running!

  • Guaranteed weekly pay. This is a paid position - commissions are in addition to your regular salary. 

  • Up to 50% off any rental if you choose to rent with us (not required) (up to two rentals).

  • No set hours, no set in-office hours required. 

Rental Executive Summary:

  • This is a paid position. A weekly salary will be paid in addition to sales commissions. Payday is every Friday (weekly)

  • Sales are REQUIRED (monthly quota). Highly competitive compensation paid for all sales, plus profit-sharing bonuses. 

  • Rental Executives will greet, answer questions and assist with finding parcels for prospective renters as well as dispensing welcome materials and explain rental rules. Rental Executives will also provide customer service routinely for existing customers, including, but not limited to: Rule questions, property management and assisting customers with object placement/script management techniques. 

  • Rental Executive is required to attend (1) weekly meeting at a predetermined time each week for approximately 30 minutes (up to 1 hour).

  • Rental Executive position reports to Owner, Alexis Crisp & General Manager (Duckette Quack).


  • We are looking for an enthusiastic, responsible, dependable, considerate and positive person to match our team's culture.

  • Advanced understanding of Discord, servers and settings is required for this role, as well as your daily use of the Discord platform.

  • An up-to-date, mesh avatar IS required before applying. A casual but professional dress code is required. 

  • Use of voice is and the ability to hear and speak is required for this role, to ensure we can meet our customer's preferences in using text or voice at any time. Sorry, we're unable to make exceptions for requirement due to the nature of this position.

  • The ability to write, speak (voice) and understand English is required for this role.

  • We are currently seeking applicants must be are able to work SL DAYS, preferably sometime between the hours of 4am-2pm SLT. Hours are flexible and you do not need to work every day, but please note that our greatest need is during the hours outlined and top priority will be given to applicants who are able to work during those hours.

  • You may not work during a land company of any kind while you hold your position with us. This means, you cannot be affiliated with land or rentals of any kind (including adboard sales or related).

Desired, But *NOT* Required:

  • Prior rental experience is highly desirable.

  • Ability to write, speak (voice) and understand other languages other than English, highly desired. Portuguese, German and Spanish are very desirable.  

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