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3 DAYS FREE for every 4 weeks paid. We love to reward loyal renters!*

Best Service, Best Locations, Best Prices!

Why Rent with Crisp Estates on SecondLife?




L$ 1300


Up to

L$ 500

Welcome Gift

Complete our new

renter survey.

**Terms apply.

10% Cash Back on Referrals

We'll pay you 10% back

on your friend's referral.

***Terms Apply.

Instant Access to Land

No Waiting

Rez Now!

Sail, fly or swim on hundreds of linked deep water SIMs: Blake Sea, Zindra, North/South Heterocera Atoll, Sansara and hundreds of other exclusive locations!

Let our team help find the perfect land for your home or business on premiere virtual waterfront property.

* TIER BONUS TERMS: 3 days FREE for every 4 weeks paid implies that you use the PAY 4 WEEKS functionality on your rental meter. Discount does not apply when you pay individual weeks consecutively (i.e., sequentially). Discount only applies to 4 weeks paid in one session via the 4-week pre-configured pay button on your rental meter. Customers are not eligible for back payments if they do not choose the 4-week functionality button. Discount applies automatically if you follow these instructions. 

** L$ 500 WELCOME BONUS GIFT TERMS: New renter must fill out Survey form after paying for initial rental. Renter must complete survey within first 24 hours or they will forfeit new rental credit gift. Credits are given in form of RENTAL CREDIT on your land are non-transferrable. Rental credits have no cash value. Only one survey is credited per unique avatar. Avatar submitting survey must be primary renter on rental box.

*** 10% CASH BACK ON REFERRALS TERMS: Referring renter must be current renter (that is, active and meter not expired) and referred party must mention current renter's name with Crisp Estates rental agent to receive credit. Cash back is provided in form of direct L$ payout from Alexis Crisp and equivalent to 10% of what the referred party has paid on their rental meter within the first 24 hours only. 

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